The Heiress

by Ruth and Augustus Goetz
based on the novel Washington Square by Henry James


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 24th - February 8th, 1975

Also presented at Uppingham School, Rutland on February 15th, 1975 and at the British Council on February 21st 1975

Cast List

Maria, the parlourmaid : Siobhan Hill
Dr Austin Sloper : Harold Mellor
Mrs Lavinia Penniman, his sister : Julie Thompson
Catherine, his daughter : Penny Kirkman
Mrs Elizabeth Almond, his sister : Maxine Howe
Marion Almond, his niece : Angela Lewi
Arthur Townsend, Marion's fiancé : Paul Rutledge
Morris Townsend, Arthur's cousin : Richard Kuhn
Mrs Montgomery, Morris's sister : Jane Gingell
Coachman : Peter Bond

The Heiress


The Heiress

Production Team

Director : Tony Leah
Set Design : Reg Philpott
Lighting Design : Richard Penny

Stage Manager : Dennis Elam
DSM : Peter Bond
ASM : Claire Rice
Switchboard : T Coates Nelson
Wardrobe : Pat Bennett
Spinet played by Richard Calver
Set construction : Dennis Elam, Peter Bond, David Holyoake, Reg Philpott, Celia Reynolds