The Zelda Trio
by Laurence Collinson
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 27 - 29, 1974

  British Première


Zelda 1, a girl of about 17 Alison Maguire
Zelda 2, a woman of about 27 Jessie Clews
Zelda 3, a woman of about 37Annie Kimber
MalcolmWilliam Craig
PeterBarry Wilson
George Anthony Fagin

The Zelda Trio
Annie Kimber, Alison Maguire & Jessie Clews

Production Team
Director : Roger Baker
Set Design : Len Birchenall
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Jackie Valin
ASMs : Sylvia Lowit, David Norell
Lighting operator : Tony Batchelor
Sound operator : Eric Batchelor
Wardrobe : Pat Bennett
Set construction : Jackie Valin, David Holyoake, Len Birchenall, David Norell