Brain Screw

by Henry Livings


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 4th - 6th, 1974

One of two short plays presented together, the other play being The Private Ear by Peter Shaffer
Cast List

Harry Steadman : Peter Lyons
Mary Hass : Annie Kimber
Alisdair Mendip : Wesley Ashwell

Brain Screw


Brain Screw

Production Team

Director : Gately Freeman
Set Design : Len Birchenall
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Managers : Jackie Valin, Hilary Wrinch
ASMs : Linda Graeme, Carolyn Atkinson
Sound operator : Myrtle Batchelor
Lighting operator : Tony Batchelor
Set construction : Len Birchenall, Jackie Valin, Hilary Wrinch