A Penny for a Song

by John Whiting


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 15th - 30th, 1974

Cast List

Sir Timothy Bellboys : Walter Kennedy
Hallam Matthews : John Blanchard
Edward Sterne : Robert Ingram
Jonathan Watkins : Paul Green or Peter Ley
Lamprett Bellboys : Tom Tillery
George Selincourt : Michael Flagg
William Humpage : Harold Mellor
Samuel Breeze : Bernard Cuffling
Joseph Brotherhood : Harold Bennett or Wilmot Bennitt
James Giddy : Bill Manley
Rufus Piggott : Dennis Elam
Dorcas Bellboys : Penny Kirkman
Hester Bellboys : Mimi Whitford
Pippin, a maidservant : Vicky Hallpipe

A Penny for a Song


A Penny for a Song

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Luli Chapman
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold
Costume Design : Phoebe de Gaye
Assistant to the Director : William Flemming

Stage Managers : David Holyoake, Dennis Elam
ASMs : Jill Rogers, Vicky Hallpipe
Sound and Switchboard : Lorna Dodd
Wardrobe : Phoebe de Gaye
Music for song specially composed by Hugh George
Set construction : David Holyoake, Liam Snene, Luli Chapman, Peter Hartley