Relatively Speaking

by Alan Ayckbourn


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 22nd - March 2nd, 1974

Also presented at the Guildhall of St George, King's Lynn on August 3rd, 1974
Cast List

Ginny : Alison Maguire
Sheila : Noreen Spall
Phillip : David Walker
Greg : John Newton

Relatively Speaking


Relatively Speaking

Production Team

Director : Celia Reynolds
Set Design : John Field
Lighting Design : Celia Reynolds and John Field

Stage Manager : John Field
ASMs : Peter Hartley, Marilyn Graham, Charlotte Jeffery, Claire Rice
Sound and switchboard : Trevor Hope
Wardrobe : Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Set construction : Reg Stratton, assisted by John Field, Peter Hartley, Jean Martin, Kate Elam, Marilyn Graham