by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 9th - 24th, 1973

Cast List

Duncan, King of Scotland : Wilmot Bennitt

Donalbain : Francis Lloyd
Malcolm : Peter Lyons
His sons

Macbeth : Colin Ley
Banquo : Peter Dawson
Ross : Dennis Elam
Macduff : Jim Spall
Lennox : Michael Kuhn
Menteith : Peter Lyons
Angus : Tony Goodman
Caithness : David Glicker
Fleance, son to Banquo : Tony Shalson
Siward, Earl of Northumberland : John Turner
Young Siward, his son : Peter Lyons
Seyton, officer attending Macbeth : Michael Flagg
Son to Macduff : Peter Ley
A captain : John Turner
A Scottish doctor : Edward Hayman
A porter : Bill Manley
An old man : Michael Flagg
Murderers : John Turner, Peter Lyons, Trevor Hope
Lady Macbeth : Claire Barclay
Lady Macduff : Suzanne Dorney
Gentlewoman attending Lady Macbeth : Fleur Selby
Witches : Annie Kimber, Laverock Newman, Carolynn Atkinson
Apparitions : Trevor Hope, Wilmot Bennitt, Peter Ley, Peter Lyons, Francis Lloyd, David Glicker, Rhydwyn Evans, Peter Dawson
Murderers, servants, messengers : Rhydwyn Evans, David Glicker, Tony Shalson, Trevor Hope, Bill Manley




Production Team

Director : Colin Ley
Set Design : Simon Mallin
Lighting Design : Simon Auty
Costumes : Noreen Spall

Stage Manager : Michael Flagg
ASMs : Lolly Schenck, Claire Rice, Rosemary Raleigh
Sound : Lorna Dodd, Peter Hartley
Switchboard : Christine Nothiger
Wardrobe : Sue Morrell, Marjorie Hogg, Jill Rogers
Properties : Vi Rutter, Dorothy Fox, Larry Barnes
Set construction : Ron Brooker, Peter Hartley, Michael McInerney, Simon Mallin, Peter Bond, Daphne Grose, John Newton