All That Fall
a play for radio by Samuel Beckett
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 28 - 30, 1973

  One of three one-act plays by Samuel Beckett,
the other two being Come & Go & Play


Mrs RooneyMargery Withers
ChristyColin Monk
Mr TylerClyde Jones
Mr SlocumDominic Batty
TommyMichael Hiller
Mr BarrellTom Tillery
Miss FittSuzanne Doggett
A female voiceSheila Pagan
DollyHelena Jones
Mr RooneyWalter Kennedy
JerryOwen Jones

This production was recorded on tape and played back to the audience with the house tabs closed.

Production Team
Director : Robert Pennant Jones
Sound recording and operation : Laurence Tuerk, David Coyne

Stage Manager : Jackie Valin
ASM : Alex Bartolini