All That Fall

A play for radio
by Samuel Beckett


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 28th - 30th, 1973

One of three one-act plays by Samuel Beckett, the other two being Come and Go and Play.
This production was recorded on tape and played back to the audience with the house tabs closed.
Cast List

Mrs Rooney : Margery Withers
Christy : Colin Monk
Mr Tyler : Clyde Jones
Mr Slocum : Dominic Batty
Tommy : Michael Hiller
Mr Barrell : Tom Tillery
Miss Fitt : Suzanne Doggett
A female voice : Sheila Pagan
Dolly : Helena Jones
Mr Rooney : Walter Kennedy
Jerry : Owen Jones
Production Team

Director : Robert Pennant Jones
Sound recording and operation : Laurence Tuerk, David Coyne

Stage Manager : Jackie Valin
ASM : Alex Bartolini