Carriages at Midnight

Arranged by John White, including melodrama written and produced by Peter Ariss and Don Kirkman


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 29th, 1972 - January 6th, 1973

The Company

Chairman : John White

Denyse Macpherson
Doreen Shafran
Sara Randall
Susan Jones

Peter Ariss
Larry Barnes
Peter Dawson
James Horne
Clyde Jones
Ken Jones
Tony Reader

Songbirds of the Salon : Dorothy Fox and Ken Jones
Laurie Jones at the piano

Melodrama cast :
Don Kirkman, Bernard Cuffling, Paddy Ariss, Larry Barnes, Tony Goodman, Ken Jones, Jack Bennett, Denyse Macpherson

Production Team

Directed by : John White

Stage Manager : Jim Spall
ASM : Tony Reader