Arsenic and Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 22nd, 1972 - January 6th, 1973

Cast List

Abby Brewster : Susan Jones
The Rev Dr Harper : Bernard Cuffling
Teddy Brewster : Jack Richman
Officer Brophy : Robert Dorney
Officer Klein : David Deshmukh
Martha Brewster : Joan Wood
Elaine Harper : Pamela Bentley
Mortimer Brewster : Gilbert O'Brien
Mr Gibbs : David Lawrence
Jonathan Brewster : Clyde Jones
Dr Einstein : Wesley Ashwell
Officer O'Hara : Ron Brooker
Lieutenant Rooney : Ron Fernee
Mr Witherspoon : Tony Goodman

Arsenic and Old Lace


Arsenic and Old Lace

Production Team

Director : Rod Dungate
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Christine Nothiger

Stage Manager : Carol Summers
ASMs : Noreen Spall, Jim Spall
Sound and switchboard : Brian Hickey
Wardrobe : Dolly Wraight
Set construction : Peter Hartley, Barry Wilson, Daphne Grose, Graham Francis