by Jean Racine, translated by John Edmunds
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 1 - 9, 1972

  First performance of this translation


Nero, the emperor, Agrippina's son Tom Tillery
Britannicus, his half-brother, son of the emperor Claudius & Messalina Ian Grant
Agrippina, widow of Domitius Enobarbus and, by a second marriage, widow of ClaudiusBarbara Waddell
Junia, in love with BritannicusCarol Allen
Burrhus, tutor to NeroRichard Shuttleworth
Narcissus, tutor to BritannicusDavid Lawrence
Albina, confidante to Agrippina Kathleen Kennedy
GuardsArthur Gallagher
Brian Saperia

Carol Allen & Tom Tillery

Production Team
Director : John Edmunds
Set Design : Tony Leah
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards
Music composed by Roger Turner

Stage Manager : Pat Bennett
ASM : Sonja Kiessling
Sound : Trevor Hope
Switchboard : Robin Cave
Wardrobe : John Field
Set construction : Mark Benjamin, Geoffrey Dent, Tony Leah