by Jean Racine
Translated by John Edmunds


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 1st - 9th, 1972

*** First performance of this translation ***

Cast List

Nero, the emperor, Agrippina's son : Tom Tillery
Britannicus, his half-brother, son of the emperor Claudius and Messalina : Ian Grant
Agrippina, widow of Domitius Enobarbus and, by a second marriage, widow of Claudius : Barbara Waddell
Junia, in love with Britannicus : Carol Allen
Burrhus, tutor to Nero : Richard Shuttleworth
Narcissus, tutor to Britannicus : David Lawrence
Albina, confidante to Agrippina : Kathleen Kennedy
Guards : Arthur Gallagher, Brian Saperia




Production Team

Director : John Edmunds
Set Design : Tony Leah
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards
Music composed by Roger Turner

Stage Manager : Pat Bennett
ASM : Sonja Kiessling
Sound : Trevor Hope
Switchboard : Robin Cave
Wardrobe : John Field
Set construction : Mark Benjamin, Geoffrey Dent, Tony Leah