Six Pongo Plays
by Henry Livings
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 5 - 7, 1972

The Players

Celia ReynoldsCarol Summers
Larry Barnes Alan Forrest
Peter McGhie
Virginia Bruno

Gerald Coleman
David Holyoake Barry Wilson

Characters in the Plays
1: The Gamecock

The Landlady, The Musician, Sam Pongo
2: Rattel The Musician, The Master, Lorris, Sam Pongo
3: The Boggart Sam Pongo, The Musician, The Boggart, Wad Lorris, The Brocken, The Red Eyes, The Will o' the Wisp, The Mohne
4: Beewine The Master, Lorris, The Musician, Sam Pongo
5: The Rifle Volunteer The Musician, The Master, Sam Pongo
6: ConciliationThe Neighbour, The Musician, Sam Pongo, Lorris

Six Pongo Plays

Production Team
Director : Rod Dungate
Tapestries designed & painted by E Mary Colley with the help of Stuart Hill