Son et Lumière of Canonbury Tower

by Hugh Ross Williamson


Canonbury Tower and Garden
June 26th - July 8th, 1972

Cast List

: Derek Mudie
Lawyer : Trevor Williams
Prior Bolton : Colin Ley
Prior Fuller : Wilmot Bennitt
Glasier : Nigel Martin
Sir John Spencer : Hyam Gilbert
Lord Compton : Michael Flagg
Sir Francis Bacon : Terence Marlow
Scots voice : Crichton Bridges
Langham : John White
Steward : Peter Dawson
Samuel Pepys : Frank Smith
Ephraim Chambers : Harold Bennett
James Boswell : Tom Tillery
David Garrick : John Blanchard
Dr Samuel Johnson : Jack Richman
Henderson : Martyn Corbett
Washington Irving : Bernard Cuffling
Oliver Goldsmith : David Lawrence
Landlady : Allison Purcell
Elizabeth Spencer : Pamela Withers
Voice of countrywoman : Celia Reynolds
Other parts played by : Ruth Lesirge, Claire Barclay, Madelienne Hargreaves, Vera Lustig

Historical figures represented by
Wilmot Bennitt, John Blanchard, Bernard Cuffling, Peter Dawson, Peter Dunne, Michael Flagg, Hyam Gilbert, David Lawrence, Colin Ley, Peter Lyons, Jack Richman, Frank Smith, David Taylor, John Turner, John White, Trevor Williams, Barry Wilson, Jo Allain, Cynthia Ashton, Claire Barclay, Joanna Fewings, Madeleine Hargreaves, Vera Lustig, Jean Martin, Rosemary Raleigh, Maureen Seal


Son et Lumière of Canonbury Tower

Production Team

Producer : Frank Smith
Director : Don Kirkman
Music composed by Alan McCombie and played by the Prospero Ensemble (conductor Kerry Woodward)
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards

Stage Managers : Christine Nothiger, Ron Brooker
ASM : Peter Woodcock
Sound effects : Laurence Tuerk
Sound operators : Peter McGhie, Moyra Higginbottom
Lighting operators : David Holyoake, Andrew Hamilton
Follow spots : Peter Hartley, Gerald Coleman
Projectionist : Daphne Grose
Photographs of Canonbury Tower and House by John Dorsett