The Little Man is Off on his Own
by Ronald Groom
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 26 - June 3, 1972

  World première


Andrew CowperRoger Frith
InterviewerEdgar Davies
SafferKeith Willis
MaryJean Martin
"Actor" AndyNorman Rimmer
"Actress" MaryRosemary Raleigh
"Actor" FriendJohn Turner
"Actor" Dikomites Roger Pepler
ActorsClaire Barclay
Hyam Gilbert
Jacqueline Holyoake
Trevor Hope
Rosemary Knight
James Leavey
Barry Wilson
Floor Manager David Holyoake
Production AssistantKathy Ferguson
Assistant Floor Manager Jackie Valin
Accordionist Dulcie Hodges

The Little Man is Off on his Own

Production Team
Director : Colin Ley
Set Design : Tower Theatre Workshop
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards

Film cameraman : Stephen Ley
Sound recording : Bill Manley
Projectionist : Richard Glynn
Sound operator : Gerald Coleman
Lighting operator : Andrew Hamilton