A Studio Hamlet

by William Shakespeare
Conceived and arranged by Martyn Corbett


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 21st - 29th, 1972

Cast List

Hamlet : Denis Turner
Claudius / First Player : John Blanchard
Gertrude : Barbara Waddell
Polonius / Gravedigger : Dominic Batty
Laertes / Guildenstern : James Leavey
Ophelia / Player : Angela Lewi
Horatio / Player : Andrew Fowler
Rosencrantz /Osric : Amtin Gray

Presenter : Martyn Corbett

A Studio Hamlet


A Studio Hamlet

Production Team

Director : Martyn Corbett
Sound and Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Christine Nothiger
ASM : Ruth Lesirge
Sound operator: Georgina Willerton
Switchboard : Richard Glynn
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg