The Recruiting Officer

by George Farquhar


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 7th - 15th, 1972

Cast List

Captain Plume, a recruiting officer : Derek Mudie
Captain Brazen, a recruiting officer : James Horne
Sergeant Kite : Larry Barnes
Justice Balance, a country squire : John Pettengell
Mr Worthy, a gentleman : Tom Tillery
Bullock, a country lad : Ron Atkinson
Costar Pearmain, a recruit : John Turner
Thomas Appletree, a recruit : David Taylor
Constable Bridewell : Tony Goodman
Justice Scale : Hyam Gilbert
Justice Scruple : Martin Kinna
Tycho, a soldier : Bill Manley
Melinda, a lady of fortune : Denyse Macpherson
Sylvia, daughter to Balance : Penny Kirkman
Lucy, maid to Melinda : Celia Reynolds
Rose, a country wench : Linda Hayward
Nurse to Melinda : Dorothy Fox
Servant to Balance : Maureen Seal
Mob : Jo Allain, Nigel Martin

The Recruiting Officer


The Recruiting Officer

Production Team

Director : Sara Randall
Set Design : John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold

Stage Manager : Virginia Bruno
ASMs : Terry Blundell, Gerald Coleman, Daphne Grose, Margaret Hanlon, Nigel Martin
Switchboard : Richard Glynn
Costumes : Kirsten Williams
Masks made by Colin Winter
Properties : Larry Barnes, Daphne Grose
Musical research : Bill Manley
Set construction : Peter Edwards, Gerald Coleman, Peter Hartley