Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 3rd - 11th, 1972

Cast List

Vincentio, the duke : Tom Tillery
Angelo, the deputy : Paul Levallois
Escalus, an ancient lord : Norman Rimmer
Claudio, a young gentleman : Alan McCombie
Lucio, a fantastic : James Horne
Provost : Tony Goodman
Abhorson, an executioner : Edward Hayman
Barnardine, a dissolute prisoner : George Benenti
Friar Peter : David Lawrence
Servant to Angelo : Peter Hartley
Stationmaster : Peter Dunne
Porter, twin brother to the servant : Peter Hartley
Isabella, sister to Claudio : Linda Hayward
Mariana, betrothed to Angelo : Rosemary Raleigh
Francisca, a nun : Rosemary Knight
Juliet, beloved of Claudio : Carol Summers
Companion to Mariana and twin sister to Francisca : Rosemary Knight

Measure for Measure


Measure for Measure

Production Team

Director : Clyde Jones
Set Design : Michael Day
Lighting Design : Donald Weinstein
Music for "Take, O take those lips away" composed by Alan McCombie

Stage Manager : Pat Bennett
ASM : Peter Hartley
Piano : Dulcie Hodges, Brian Martin
Sound : Trevor Hope
Lighting operator : Gill Hal
Wardrobe : Eve Smith
Set constructon : Larry Baines, Robin Cave, Geoffrey Dent