Juno and the Paycock

by Sean O'Casey


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 28th - February 12th, 1972

Cast List

"Captain" Jack Boyle : Peter Dawson
Juno Boyle, his wife : Susan Jones
Johnny Boyle, his son : John Dutton
Mary Boyle, his daughter : Vera Lustig
"Joxer" Daly : Frank Corkery
Mrs Maisie Madigan : Georgina Firth
"Needle" Nugent, a tailor : Seamus Crowe
Mrs Tancred : Rosaleen Scott
Jerry Devine : Dennis Elam
Charles Bentham, a schoolteacher : Andrew Fowler
An Irregular Mobiliser : James Leavey
Two Irregulars : James Leavey, Dewi Williams
A coal block vendor : James Leavey
A sewing machine man : James Leavey
Furniture removal men : Richard Glynn, Peter Hartley
Neighbours : Maureen Day, Madeleine Hargreaves, Anne Terney, Cynthia Ashton

Juno and the Paycock


Juno and the Paycock

Production Team

Director : Water Kennedy
Set Design : Ron Brooker
Lighting Design : Christine Nothiger

Stage Manager : Peter Woodcock
ASMs : Maureen Day, Madeleine Hargreaves, Cynthia Ashton, Dennis Elam
Sound : Carol Summers
Switchboard : Andrew Hamilton
Wardrobe : Martyn Corbett, Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Peter Hartley, Phillip Peters, Joan Wilson