The Hunting of the Snark
Adapted from the nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll
with some help from Edward Lear
Book by Laurence Geoghegan; music by Kenneth Paine
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 27, 1971 -
January 8, 1972

  First London production


The BellmanWilliam Flemming
The BeaverCelia Reynolds
The WitchMarjorie Hogg
The BakerDenis Turner
The Jumbly GirlMaxine Simms
The BarristerGately Freeman
The BankerEdward Hayman
The Butcher Peter Lyons
The Boots Lorna Dodd
The Broker Tony Goodman
The Queen of the Jumblies Maureen Seal
The Jumblies Karen Killaspy
Deborah Berry
Karen Berry
Christopher Seal
The Jub-Jub Bird Dominic Batty
The Bandersnatch David Deshmukh
Julie McBride

The Hunting of the Snark

Production Team
Director : Rod Dungate
Musical Director : Betty Weatherly
Set design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold
Costume Design : Jane Schwartz

Stage management : Angela Culbert, Daphne Grose, Julie McBride, Georgina Willerton, Andy Hamilton, Roy Robbins
Lighting operators : Terry Blundell, David Holyoake
Special effects : Colin Monk
Fight sequence : Larry Barnes
Set construction : Mark Benjamin, Mike Cosh, Mick Gaskill