Burke's Company

by Bill Reed


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 11th - 19th, 1971

*** British première ***

Cast List

Advance party
Burke : Larry Barnes
Wills : John Newton
King : Alan Freeman
Cooper's Creek Depot party
Brahe : Tom Tillery
McDonough : Alfred Molina
Patton : Alan McCombie
Dost Mahomet : Trevor Hope
I/C main base party at Menindee
Wright : John Field
Rescue party doctor
Wheeler : John Turner

Burke's Company


Burke's Company

Production Team

Director : Derek Mudie
Set and Costume Design : John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold
Music composed by Alan McCombie and played by The Prospero Ensemble, conducted by Kerry Woodward

Stage Manager : David Holyoake
DSM : Dennis Elam
ASMs : Celia Reynolds, Sandra McEnally
Sound operator : Laurence Tuerk
Lighting operator : Richard Glynn
Wardrobe : Tower Theatre Wardrobe