The Devil's Disciple

by George Bernard Shaw


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 23rd - May 8th, 1971

Cast List

Mrs Dudgeon : Helen Mitchell
Essie : Ruth Buckingham
Christy : Michael Flagg
Rev Anthony Anderson : Edward Phillips
Judith Anderson : Suzanne Doggett
Lawyer Hawkins : Peter Thornton
Uncle William Dudgeon : Edward Hayman
Mrs William : Anne Comfort
Uncle Titus Dudgeon : Alan Gilbert
Mrs Titus : Kathy Ferguson
Richard Dudgeon : Peter McGhie
Sergeant : Tony Goodman
Major Swindon : John Rossington
General Burgoyne : James Horne
Officers : George Benenti, Edward Hayman
Soldiers : Michael Donegan, William Flemming, Nigel Martin, Roy Robbins
Mr Brudenell : Alan Gilbert
Executioner : Bill Mills

The Devil's Disciple


The Devil's Disciple

Production Team

Director : Carol Allen
Set Design : Michael Folkard
Lighting Design : Peter Hebbes
Musical arrangements : Alan McCombie
Music of British army band and Websterbridge town band played by the Prospero Ensemble
Assistant to Director : Lorna Dodd

Stage Manager : Bill Mills
ASMs : Peter Woodcock, Peter Hartley, Diana Saperia, Moyra Higginbottom, Christine Nothiger, Roy Robbins
Sound : Frances Garnett, Ken Wiles
Lighting operator : Richard Glynn
Wardrobe : Jenny Rowan, Eve Smith
Set construction : Michael Folkard, Peter Woodcock, Christine Nothiger, Richard Glynn
Muskets made by Roger Green and Larry Barnes