The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides
  by Aeschylus, translated by Philip Vellacott Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 5 - 13, 1971


PrologueVictor Meredith
Orestes, son of Agamemnon, King of Argos Robin Allan
Pylades, his friend Edward Hayman
Chorus of female servants of Clytemnestra Barbara Waddell
Lyn Jones (leaders)
Ann Rooney
Lorna Dodd
Maureen Seal
Julie Thompson
Electra, daughter of Agamemnon Penny Kirkman
Servant of Clytemnestra Terry Court
Clytemnestra, widow of Agamemnon Susan Jones
Nurse of Orestes Dorothy Fox
Aegisthus, Clytemnestra's paramour John Field
Servant of Aegisthus Tony Goodman
The Pythian Priestess Denyse Macpherson
Apollo Loxias
(also referred to as Phoebus)
Trevor Williams
Chorus of Furies,
or Eumenides
Kaye Ellis
Dolly Wraight (leaders)
Suzanne Doggett
Tony Goodman
Edward Hayman
Jackie Holyoake
Maggie Suarez
Christina Thornton
Pallas Athene Doreen Shafran
Athenian citizensTerry Court
Robin Cave
Peter Hartley
Danny McCarthy
John Field
Brian Saperia

The Libation Bearers
The Libation Bearers
The Eumenides
The Eumenides

Production Team
Director : Clyde Jones
Set & Costume Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Mike Dobbs
Assistant to the Director : Jane Elder
Music for the final chorus composed & conducted by Alan McCombie
Libation Bearers' dance arranged by Dolly Wraight
Prologue specially written for this production by Philip Vellacott

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
ASMs : Madeleine Hargreaves, Michael Edwards, Brian Saperia, Anne Raynor, Robin Cave, Ruth Buckingham
Sound : Peter Woodcock
Switchboard : Laurence Tuerk
Wardrobe : Marjorie Hogg, Julie Burgess, Anne Ashby, Anne Crowley
Properties made by Moyra Higginbottom, Colin Winter