The King-Stag

by Carlo Gozzi
Translated by Martyn Corbett


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 18th - 31st, 1970

*** First London production ***

Cast List

Cigolotti, a storyteller and prologue : Alfred Molina
Deramo, King of Serendippo : John Rossington
Pantalone, second minister of Deramo : Dominic Batty
Angela, daughter of Pantalone : Pam Bentley
Tartaglia, Prime Minster and Privy Councillor, in love with Angela : Rod Dungate
Clarice, only daughter of Tartaglia, in love with Leandro : Maxine Simms
Leandro, a courtier and son of Pantalone : Peter Coles
Brighella, butler to the King : Peter McGowan
Smeraldina, his sister : Marjorie Hogg
Truffaldino, a birdcatcher, in love with Smeraldina : Colin Monk
Durandarte, a magician : Alfred Molina
Attendants : Christopher Taylor, Peter McGinn
Stags : Angela Jones, Linda Bayley

The King-Stag


The King-Stag

Production Team

Director : Martyn Corbett
Assistant Director : Rod Dungate
Set and Costume Design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk

Stage Manager : Janet Monk
ASMs : Frances Garnett, Pat Bennett, Peter Woodcock, Ian Szynkman, Emma Falconer
Sound : Angela Culbert
Lighting operator : Richard Glynn
Wardrobe : Eve Smith, assisted by Richard Grove, Dorothy Grove, Marjorie Hogg, Eileen Norris, Jennifer Corbett
Ladies' costumes : Donald Jones
Arquebuses and parrot : Larry Barnes
Masks : Richard Grove, Janet Monk
Animals : Colin Winter, Gerda Newbold
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Brian Harding, Peter Woodcock, Peter Hartley