The Rivals

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 6th - 21st, 1970

Cast List

Sir Anthony Absolute : Walter Kennedy or Richard Shuttleworth
Captain Absolute : John Samson
Faukland : Michael Flagg
Acres : Larry Barnes
Sir Lucius O'Trigger : Frank Corkery
Fag : John O'Kane
David : Crichton Bridges
Thomas : Peter Dawson
Mrs Malaprop : Gwen Grounds
Lydia Languish : Dorothy Ward
Julia : Ann Comfort
Lucy : Lyn Jones
Servants : George Benenti, Alan Gilbert, Martin Seal
Maid to Julia : Lorna Dodd

The Rivals


The Rivals

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Assisted by Carol Allen
Set Design : Michael Lumb
Lighting Design : Laurence Tuerk
Music specially composed by Alan McCombie and played by the Prospero Ensemble

Stage Managers : Marilyn Gold, David Holyoake
ASMs : Ronald Corrie, Pat Bennett, Hazel Shipley-Headley, Frances Garnett
Sound : Geoffrey Dent
Switchboard : Gerald Coleman
Wardrobe : Kirsten Williams
Set construction : Michael Lumb, David Holyoake, Richard Glynn, Frances Garnett, Tony Newman, Janet Lumb