The Lamplighter
by Charles Dickens
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 9 - 17, 1970

  One of two plays by Charles Dickens presented together,
the other being The Strange Gentleman


Mr StargazerTom Tillery
Master Galileo Isaac Newton Flamstead Stargazer, his sonPeter McGhie
Tom Grig, the lamplighterJohn Turner
Mr Mooney, an astrologerJohn Pettengell
Betsy MartinKaye Ellis
Emma StargazerSusan Jones
Fanny BrownJulie Thompson
ServantMalcolm Sargeant

The Lamplighter

Production Team
Director : Brian Tapply
Set & Costume Design : Tony Leah
Lighting Design : Bob Sumerling

Stage Manager : Kathy Ferguson
ASMs : Pat Bennett, Peter Nicon, Malcolm Sargeant, Margaret Coles, Sarah Williams
Sound research : Bill Manley
Piano : Dulcie Hodges