The Lamplighter

by Charles Dickens


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 9th - 17th, 1970

One of two plays by Charles Dickens presented together, the other being The Strange Gentleman

Cast List

Mr Stargazer : Tom Tillery
Master Galileo Isaac Newton Flamstead Stargazer, his son : Peter McGhie
Tom Grig, the lamplighter : John Turner
Mr Mooney, an astrologer : John Pettengell
Betsy Martin : Kaye Ellis
Emma Stargazer : Susan Jones
Fanny Brown : Julie Thompson
Servant : Malcolm Sargeant

The Lamplighter


The Lamplighter

Production Team

Director : Brian Tapply
Set and Costume Design : Tony Leah
Lighting Design : Bob Sumerling

Stage Manager : Kathy Ferguson
ASMs : Pat Bennett, Peter Nicon, Malcolm Sargeant, Margaret Coles, Sarah Williams
Sound research : Bill Manley
Piano : Dulcie Hodges
Switchboard : Bob Sumerling
Wardrobe : Eve Smith, Hazel Shipley-Headley
Set construction : Tony Newman