The Leader
by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Donald Watson
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 13 - 21, 1970

  One of six Ionesco plays presented together, the other five being The Motor Show, Foursome, Salutations, Maid to Marry & The Picture


The AnnouncerHarold Mellor
The Young LoverAlan Forrest
The Girl FriendMaureen Cornwall
First Boy AdmirerRod Dungate
First Girl AdmirerCarol Allen
Second Boy AdmirerJohn Turner
Second Girl AdmirerHilary Norris

The Leader

Production Team
Director : Brian Tapply
Set & Lighting Design : Bill Dudley

Stage Manager : Kathy Ferguson
ASMs : Roger Fenby, Moyra Higginbottom, Trevor Hope
Sound : Peter McGhie
Lighting operator : Laurence Tuerk
Wardrobe : Kirsten Williams
Masks : Bill Dudley
Set construction : Bill Dudley, Angela Culbert, Rosemary Knight