Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll, newly adapted by Nicholas Wood
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 12, 1969 -
January 3, 1970


Rev Charles Lutwidge DodgsonLeon Tanner
AliceBelinda Giles
White RabbitPeter McGhie
Mouse with a Long TailColin Monk
DodoJack Bennett
Young CrabKatherine Barnes
CaterpillarMohammed Badar
Wood PigeonGwen Grounds
Bill the LizardStephen Zundel
The DuchessCarol Matthews
CookDorothy Fox
Cheshire CatHazel Shipley-Headley
March HareLarry Barnes
Mad HatterRod Dungate
King of HeartsTony Goodman
Queen of HeartsCora Douch
Knave of HeartsMichael Ross
Ace of SpadesVicki Morton
Five of SpadesPeter Hartley
Two of ClubsHelen Smith
Three of ClubsPaula Smith
Gryphon David Deshmukh
Mock Turtle Bobby Bernard
Other parts played by members of the company  

Alice in Wonderland

Production Team
Directed by : Joan Wood
Set Design : Dinah Casson
Lighting Design : Bill Dudley

Stage Manager : Paul Daly
DSM : Ian Szynkman
ASMs : Angela Culbert, Clare Felton, Georgina Christu, Julie Thompson, Trevor Hope
Sound : Gerald Coleman
Switchboard : Bob Davey
Wardrobe : Eve Smith, Marjorie Hogg
Projection : Peter Hartley
Special photography : Ian Hessenberg
Set construction : Richard Grove, Dinah Casson, Ian Szynkman, Angela Culbert, Clare Fellton, Sophie Popham