The Entertainer
by John Osborne
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 30 - June 7, 1969


Billy RiceClyde Jones
Jean RiceSuzanne Doggett
Archie RiceTerence Marlow
Phoebe RiceAllison Purcell
Frank RiceBill Dudley
William "Brother Bill" RiceHyam Gilbert
Graham DoddColin Monk
Britannia Sarah Falber
Revue Girls Rosalind Fedor
Pat Parry
Angela Culbert
Pam Bentley
Theatre BandBrian McLoone
Percy Fedor
Peter McGowan
Gerald Teacher
Bob Sumerling
Mick Sutton

The Entertainer

Production Team
Director : Robert Pennant Jones
Set Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards
Music composed by Brian McLoone
Choreography : Dinny Jones

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
DSM : Kathy Ferguson
ASMs : Eve Smith, Angela Culbert, Douglas Blackstock, Chris Taylor, Janine Szynkman, Danny McCarthy
Switchboard : Sue Maynard
Wardrobe : Eve Smith
Assistant producer : Ivo Cardozo
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Bob Davy, Peter Hartley