The White Devil
by John Webster
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 9 - 24, 1969


Cardinal Monticelso,
afterwards Pope Paul IV
Phillip Fasham
Francisco de Medici, Duke of Florence Trevor Williams
Duke of Brachiano Brett Lane
Giovanni, his son David Taylor
Lodovico, in love with Isabella Martin Kinna
friends to Lodovico
Edward Bell
Nick Lynch
Camillo, husband to Vittori Ron Brooker
Hortensio, officer to Brachiano John Page
Marcello, brother to Vittoria John Bell
Flamineo, brother to Marcello Larry Barnes
English Ambassador Ron Brooker
Savoy Ambassador Alan Brown
Spanish Ambassador Keith Hewett
French Ambassador Fred Fiorentini
Lawyer John Page
Dr JulioAlan Forrest
PhysicianKeith Hewett
ConjurorNick Lynch
CourtierAlan Forrest
Isabella, sister to FranciscoJulie Thompson
Vittoria Corombona, wife to CamilloPolly Booth
Cornelia, her mother Gwen Grounds
Zanche, a Moor Stella Reynold
Matron at the House of Convertites Dolly Wraight
Lady-in-WaitingDolly Wraight

The White Devil

Production Team
Director : Brian Tapply
Set & Lighting Design : Bill Dudley

Stage Manager : Tony Newman
ASMs : James Houston, Sebastian Murray, Hazel Shipley-Headley, Janet Drapper, Peter Carroll, Janet Murray, Gerald Coleman
Sound : Cathy Bird
Switchboard : Rod Dungate
Set construction : Peter Carroll, Larry Baines, Terry Murphy