The Rose and the Ring

A musical based on the story by William Thackeray
Book, lyrics and music by John Dalby


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 15th, 1968 - January 4th, 1969

Cast List

King Valoroso of Paflagonia : Michael Hiller
Mrs Valoroso, his Queen : Marjorie Hogg
Princess Angelica, their daughter : Suzanne Doggett
Gruffanuff, the porter : Geoffrey Lewis
Clumboso, the Prime Minister : Hyam Gilbert
Fairy Blackstick : Gwen Grounds
Countess Gruffanuff, governess to Angelica : Jean Doody
Jacky, her page : Isabel Amyes
Betsinda, a serving maid : Carol Matthews
Prince Giglio, nephew to Valoroso and son of the former King : John Hines
Prince Bulbo of Crim Tartary : Jack Richman
Captain Hedzoff : Richard Willing-Denton
The Archbishop : Gordon Norris
The Axeman : Geoffrey Lewis
A Woodman, once Count Spinach : Tony Goodman
Winifred, his wife : Julie Thompson

Priscilla : Billie Pursehouse
Elizabeth : Jane Singer
Their daughters

Stephen : Stephen Ley
Phillip : Phillip Ley
Their sons

Baron Broccoli : Geoffey Lewis
Count Sauerkraut : David Deshmukh
Viscount Articciochi : Gordon Norris
Count Hogginarmo : Hyam Gilbert
Smith : Ray Lewis
Jones : Rod Dungate
King Padella of Crim Tartary : John Hope
Leo : David Deshmukh
Elsa : Billie Pursehouse
The Little Sweep : Stephen Ley
Courtiers, conspirators, guards, Paflagonians : Geoffrey Lewis, Ray Lewis, Rod Dungate, Tony Goodman, Jane Singer, Billie Pursehouse, Julie Thompson,Gordon Norris

Orchestra : Dulcie Hodges, Brian McLoone

The Rose and the Ring


The Rose and the Ring

Production Team

Director : Eileen Norris
Musical Director : Brian McLoone
assisted by Tom Gough
Set Design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Peter Simpson
Choreography : Bell McCallum
Costumes for Miss Matthews & Miss Doody : Donald Jones

Stage Manager : Georgina Willerton
DSM : Cathy Bird
ASMs : Bob Sumerling, Peter Burton, Sally Kirkwood, Terry Murphy, Jane Thomas
Fight arranged by Larry Barnes
Rehearsal pianist : Dulcie Hodges
Sound : James Houston
Switchboard : Freya Edwards
Wardrobe Liaison : Marjorie Hogg
Mr Richman's first costume : Barbara Stone
Properties : Mick Edwards, Sue Maynard, Seamus Foley
Set construction : Bob Sumerling, Keith Hewett, Terry Murphy, Frank Corkery, Terry Ridings and members of the company