The Rose & the Ring
A musical based on the story by William Thackeray
Book, lyrics & music by John Dalby
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 15, 1968 -
January 4, 1969


King Valoroso of PaflagoniaMichael Hiller
Mrs Valoroso, his QueenMarjorie Hogg
Princess Angelica, their daughterSuzanne Doggett
Gruffanuff, the porterGeoffrey Lewis
Clumboso, the Prime MinisterHyam Gilbert
Fairy BlackstickGwen Grounds
Countess Gruffanuff, governess to AngelicaJean Doody
Jacky, her pageIsabel Amyes
Betsinda, a serving maidCarol Matthews
Prince Giglio, nephew to Valoroso & son of the former KingJohn Hines
Prince Bulbo of Crim TartaryJack Richman
Captain HedzoffRichard Willing-Denton
The Archbishop Gordon Norris
The Axeman Geoffrey Lewis
A Woodman, once Count Spinach Tony Goodman
Winifred, his wife Julie Thompson
their daughters
Billie Pursehouse
Jane Singer
their sons
Stephen Ley
Phillip Ley
Baron Broccoli Geoffey Lewis
Count Sauerkraut David Deshmukh
Viscount Articciochi Gordon Norris
Count Hogginarmo Hyam Gilbert
Smith Ray Lewis
Jones Rod Dungate
King Padella of Crim Tartary John Hope
LeoDavid Deshmukh
Elsa Billie Pursehouse
The Little Sweep Stephen Ley
Courtiers, conspirators, guards, Paflagonians Geoffrey Lewis
Ray Lewis
Rod Dungate
Tony Goodman
Jane Singer
Billie Pursehouse
Julie Thompson
Gordon Norris


Dulcie Hodges
Brian McLoone

The Rose & the Ring

Production Team
Director : Eileen Norris
Musical Director : Brian McLoone
assisted by Tom Gough
Set Design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Peter Simpson
Choreography : Bell McCallum
Costumes for Miss Matthews & Miss Doody : Donald Jones

Stage Manager : Georgina Willerton
DSM : Cathy Bird
ASMs : Bob Sumerling, Peter Burton, Sally Kirkwood, Terry Murphy, Jane Thomas
Fight arranged by Larry Barnes
Rehearsal pianist : Dulcie Hodges
Sound : James Houston
Switchboard : Freya Edwards
Wardrobe Liaison : Marjorie Hogg
Mr Richman's first costume : Barbara Stone
Properties : Mick Edwards, Sue Maynard, Seamus Foley
Set construction : Bob Sumerling, Keith Hewett, Terry Murphy, Frank Corkery, Terry Ridings & members of the company