The Only Jealousy of Emer
by W B Yeats
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 4 - 6, 1968

  One of a programme of three one-act plays the others being At the Hawk's Well and Lunchtime Concert


Emer, wife of CuchulainVera Massey
Eithne Inguba, his mistressAnn Payot
The Figure of Cuchulain (Bricriu, a spirit hostile to Fand) Martin Fraser
The Ghost of CuchulainJohn Newton
The Woman of the Sidhe (Fand, wife of Mannanon, the sea-god) Storme de Longchamps
First musician Peter McGowan
Second musicianTom Gough
Third musicianBrenda Bottril

The Only Jealousy of Emer

Production Team
Director : Jane Elder
Costumes : Jane Elder
Light Design : Tom Gregory
Masks by Frank Corkery
Music by Peter McGowan & Tom Gough
Dance movement by Brenda Bottril

Stage Manager : Catherine Bird
ASMs : Tom Gregory, Roger Frost, Michael Edwards, Laura Swaffield, Sophy Gough
Set construction : Frank Corkery, Larry Baines