The Trojan Women
by Euripides, translated by Neil Curry
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 8 - 16, 1968

  First London production of this translation


The God PoseidonTerence Marlow
The Goddess Pallas Athene Julie Thompson
Hecuba, Queen of Troy Gwen Grounds
Chorus Leaders Barbara Waddell
Janet Thorndike
Chorus of the Women of TroySonia Arnold
Barbara Dennis
Mary-Jane Hill
Marjorie Hogg
Ann Payot
Janice Servais
Glennis Wallace
Talthybius,Herald of the Greek ArmyRon Brooker
Cassandra, daughter to HecubaLouise Black
Andromache, widow of Hecuba's son Hector, champion of Troy Sara Randall
Astyanax, her sonHelen Maskens
Menelaus, King of Sparta Phillip Fasham
Helen of Troy, his wife Pat Gerrard
Greek SoldiersFrancis Dillon
Frederick Healy
William Kiely
Alfred Molina
Dominic Pontone

The Trojan Women

Production Team
Director : Martyn Corbett
Set Design : Martyn Corbett
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold
Music composed by David Lord & played by Judith Pearce (flute) & David Rose (trumpet)
Chorus movement by Tony Reader

Stage Manager : Georgina Willerton
ASMs : Dominic Pontone, Roger Frost
Sound : Freya Edwards
Wardrobe Liaison : Marjorie Hogg
Set construction : Ray Lewis, Ian Szynkman & members of the company