The Diary of a Nobody

by George and Weedon Grossmith
Arranged for the stage by Basil Dean and Richard Blake


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 16th - March 2nd, 1968

Cast List

Mr Pooter : Tom Tillery
Mrs Pooter : Joan Wood
Sarah : Juliet Bell
Mrs James of Sutton : Bobbie Peacock
Gowing : Clive Wolfe
Cummings : Michael Hiller
Lupin Pooter : Clyde Jones
Frank Mutlar : Martin Fraser
Daisy Mutlar : Susan Triesman
Murray Posh : Peter McGowan
Burwin-Fosselton : David Goldman
Peters, a waiter : Tony Reader
Mr Padge : Tony Goodman
Lillie Girl : Sue Kinna
Mr Perkupp : Jack Bennett

The Diary of a Nobody


The Diary of a Nobody

Production Team

Director : Edgar Davies
Assisted by Rita Triesman
Set Design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold

Stage Manager : Tony Newman
ASMs : Brenda Burkill, Freya Edwards, Sally Kirkwood, John Belton
Sound : Hazel Sharples
Switchboard : Tom Gregory
Wardrobe : Jo Hall
Set construction : John Dorsett, Stanley Moles