Androcles and the Lion

by George Bernard Shaw


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 3rd - 11th, 1967

One of two short plays by Bernard Shaw presented together, the other being The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

Cast List

Androcles : Frank Corkery
Megaera, his wife : Georgina Firth
Lion : Michael Archer
Centurion : John Hope
Captain : Terence Marlow
Lavinia : Louise Black
Lentulus, a patrician : Robert Shelower
Metalleus, another patrician : Ray Lewis
The Emperor : Jack Richman
Ferrovius : Richard Shuttleworth
Editor : George Rafferty
The Secutor : Fred Fiorentini
The Retiarius : John Page
Menagerie Keeper : Peter Dawson
Spintho : Hyam Gilbert
Callboy : Paul Walsh
Christians, Gladiators, Slaves : Michael Archer, Sonia Arnold, Jennifer Brooks, Peter Burton, Peter Clough, Christopher Fogg, Loretta Gnochi, Tom Gregory, John Hope, Suzie Hughes, Paul Leonard, Christina McCarthy, Dawn Miller, John Page, Robert Shelower, Adrian Shergold, Andry Tokkos, Iannis Tsellos, Paul Walsh, Martin Wimbush

Androcles and the Lion


Androcles and the Lion

Production Team

Director : David Hanson
Set Design : Bill Dudley and Keith Hewett
Lighting Design : Peter Plumb

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
DSM : Margaret Ley
ASMs : Henrietta Green, Suzie Hughes, Hazel Sharples, Freya Edwards, Robin Cave, Hazel Shipley-Headley
Wardrobe : Jo Hall
Set construction : Bill Dudley, Larry Baines, Ray Lewis, Keith Hewett