The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

by George Bernard Shaw


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 3rd - 11th, 1967

One of two short plays by Bernard Shaw presented together, the other being Androcles and the Lion

Cast List

Shakespeare : Larry Barnes
Queen Elizabeth : Janet Thorndike
Beefeater : Hyam Gilbert
The Dark Lady : Sonia Arnold

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets


The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

Production Team

Director : David Hanson
Set Design : Bill Dudley and Keith Hewett
Lighting Design : Peter Plumb

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
DSM : Margaret Ley
ASMs : Henrietta Green, Suzie Hughes, Hazel Sharples, Freya Edwards, Robin Cave, Hazel Shipley-Headley
Wardrobe : Jo Hall
Set construction : Bill Dudley, Larry Baines, Ray Lewis, Keith Hewett