Honours Even (Le Ruban)
by Georges Feydeau & Maurice Desvalličres,
translated by Clyde Jones
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 20 - 28, 1967

  First London performance


Dr PaginetTom Tillery
LiverginCrichton Bridges
PlumarelJames Horne
DardillonMartin Kinna
RasanvilleIan Wise
JosephMichael Chesden
PatrigeotChrstopher Fogg
Madame PaginetDenyse Macpherson
Targinette Suzanne Doggett
Simone Angella Chadfield
Madame Livergin Susan Mindelsohn
TrumpetersMembers of the 58th London Division, Boys' Brigade

Honours Even

Production Team
Director : Clyde Jones
Set Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Peter Plumb
Song composed by Andrew Downie & arranged by George Jones

Stage Manager : Elizabeth Johns
ASMs : Janice Servais, Tom Gregory, Judith Strong, David Cowburn
Sound : Richard Sandevan
Wardrobe : Jo Hall
Set construction : Frank Corkery, Larry Baines, Tom Gregory