A Touch of the Poet
by Eugene O'Neill
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 6 - 14, 1967

  First London performance
Also presented at Felixstowe Festival, October 23, 1967


Cornelius MelodyColin Ley
Nora Melody, his wife Juliet Bell
Sara Melody, his daughter Pamela Withers
Mickey Maloy Peter McGowan
Jamie Cregan George Rafferty
Dan RocheTony Goodman
Paddy O'DowdPeter Burton
Patch RileyHarold Bennett
Deborah (Mrs Henry Harford)Gwen Grounds
Nicholas Gadsby, a lawyerClive Wolfe

A Touch of the Poet

Production Team
Director : James Vowden
Set Design : Bill Dudley
Lighting Design : Peter Plumb
Costume Design : Sue Plummer

Stage Manager : Hazel Sharples
DSM : Freya Edwards
ASMs : Barbara Waddell, Howard Clarke
Sound : Clive Wolfe
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Bill Dudley, Paul Walsh, Tony Reader, Edward Judd