A Touch of the Poet

by Eugene O'Neill


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 6th - 14th, 1967

*** First London performance ***
Also presented at Felixstowe Festival, October 23, 1967

Cast List

Cornelius Melody : Colin Ley
Nora Melody, his wife : Juliet Bell
Sara Melody, his daughter Pamela Withers
Mickey Maloy : Peter McGowan
Jamie Cregan : George Rafferty
Dan Roche : Tony Goodman
Paddy O'Dowd : Peter Burton
Patch Riley : Harold Bennett
Deborah (Mrs Henry Harford) : Gwen Grounds
Nicholas Gadsby, a lawyer : Clive Wolfe

A Touch of the Poet


A Touch of the Poet

Production Team

Director : James Vowden
Set Design : Bill Dudley
Lighting Design : Peter Plumb
Costume Design : Sue Plummer

Stage Manager : Hazel Sharples
DSM : Freya Edwards
ASMs : Barbara Waddell, Howard Clarke
Sound : Clive Wolfe
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Bill Dudley, Paul Walsh, Tony Reader, Edward Judd