Playing with Fire

by August Strindberg
Translated by Michael Meyer


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 7th - 15th, 1967

One of two short Strindberg plays presented together, the other being Storm.

Cast List

The Son (Knut) : Colin Ley
The Daughter-in-Law (Kerstin) : Pat Gerrard
The Mother : Dorothy Fox
The Father : Harold Mellor
The Cousin (Adele) : Ann Kendrick
The Friend (Axel) : Paul Sonkkilaa

Playing with Fire


Playing with Fire

Production Team

Director : David Hanson
Set Design : Matthew English
Lighting Design : David Cowburn

Stage Manager : Pat Gunn
ASMs : Rosaleen Scott, Barbara Waddell, Judith Stark, John Russell, Hazel Shipley-Headley, Maggie Campbell, David Roberts, Hazel Sharples
Set construction : Wheldon Wright, Peter Hebbes, Stanley Moles, Peter Edwards