Exit the King
by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Donald Watson
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 17 - 25, 1967

  One of two one-act plays presented together,
the other being The Grand Vizier


Bérenger the First, the KingDonald Goffin
Queen Marguérite, first wife to King Bérenger the FirstSusan Mindelsohn
Queen Marie, second wife to King Bérenger the FirstPat Gerrard
The Doctor, who is also Surgeon, Executioner, Bacteriologist & AstrologistMichael Hiller
Juliette domestic help & registered nurseBobbie Peacock
The GuardJohn Hope

Exit the King

Production Team
Director : Clyde Jones
Set, Costumes & Properties designed by Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold

Stage Manager : Christina Shand
DSM : Janice Servais
ASMs : Jane Elder, Hazel Sharples, Michael Barnard, Steve Mills
Wardrobe : Jo Hall
Set construction : Larry Baines