The Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov
Translated by Tyrone Guthrie and Leonid Kipnis


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 4th - 19th, 1966

First London production of this translation.

Cast List

Andrey Sergeievich Prozorov : Tom Tillery
Natalia Ivanova (Natasha), his fiancée, later his wife : Sara Randall

Olga : Angela Rooks
Masha : Barbara Waddell
Irina : Ruth Conolly
His sisters

Fyodor Iiich Kulygin, husband of Masha : Robert Pennant Jones
Alexander Ignatievich Vershinin, colonel, battery commander : Michael Hiller
Nicolai Lvovich Tusenbach, Baron, first lieutenant : Derek Mudie
Vasilyi Vasilievich Solyony, captain : Ian Wise
Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin, military doctor : David Walker
Aleksei Petrovich Fedotik, second lieutenant : Peter March
Vladimir Karlovich Rode, second lieutenant : Roger Clifton
Ferapont, doorman of the city council : Harold Bennett
Anfisa, the Prozorovs' former nurse : Bobbie Peacock

The Three Sisters


The Three Sisters

Production Team

Director : Andrew Downie
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
ASMs : Tom Gough, Walter Demel
Prompt : Pat Gerrard
Music selected by Bill Manley
Switchboard and Sound : Pat Milthorpe, Jane Elder, Rodney Holberton, Laurie Hoskins
Wardrobe : Dolly Wraight
Properties : Shelagh Christmas