Waltz of the Toreadors

by Jean Anouilh
Translated by Lucienne Hill


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 7th - 15th, 1966

Also presented at the Felixstowe Festival, October 22nd, 1966

Cast List

General Saint-Pé : Walter Kennedy
Emily, his wife : Georgina Firth
Gaston, his secretary : James Horne

Estella : Linda Sport
Sidonia : Angella Chatfield
His daughters

Doctor Bonfant : Harold Mellor
Mlle Ghislaine de Sainte-Euverte : Jean Clark
Eugénie, a maid : Pauline Matthews
Mme Dupont-Fredaine : Janet Thorndike
Father Ambrose : Jack Bennett
Pamela, a maid : Marion Shadbolt

Waltz of the Toreadors


Waltz of the Toreadors

Production Team

Director : Dorothy Stuart
Set Design : Tower Theatre Workshop
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor
Music Selection : Bill Manley

Stage Manager : Christine Culbert
Sound : Hazel Sharples
Switchboard : Tony Batchelor
Prompt : Joanne Yeaxlee
Wardrobe : Dolly Wraight
Properties : Judith Strong
Set construction : Simon Ballam, Peter Hebbes, Peter Linssen