by William Shakespeare
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 4 - 19, 1966


MacbethColin Ley
Banquo Gerald Groffman
Duncan, King of Scotland Michael Reid
his sons
Michael Haines
Ian Roberts
Macduff James Cockburn
Lennox Malcolm Vaughan
Ross Michael Eyre
Angus Antony Rudd
Fleance, son to Banquo Ian Dupree
Old Siward, an English general Michael Reid
Young Siward, his son Ian Roberts
Seyton, an officer Bobby Bernard
Son to Macduff Stephen Ley
English doctor Keith Hewett
Scottish doctor Gerald Groffman
Porter Frank Corkery
Messengers Keith Hewett
Keith Furneaux
Murderers Terry Lamb
Peter Sylvester
Apparitions James Cockburn
Ian Roberts
Ian Dupree
Lady Macbeth Monyene Kane
Lady Macduff Anne Sutton
Gentlewoman attending on Lady Macbeth Juliet Goldstein
WitchesJanet Pleshette
Suzanne Doggett
Jean Sharp


Production Team
Director : Paul Burge
Set Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : C P Inc
Costume Design : Vicky Skilton
Choreography : Rosemary Noble
Music selected by Bill Manley
Fights arranged by Larry Barnes

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
ASMs : Peter Plumb, Ian Dupree, Charoltte Brown, Ian Harvey
Sound : Sue Maynard
Switchboard : Peter Plumb
Wardrobe : Marie Hill, Denyse Macpherson, Lizzie Minehead, Tessa Buxton-Carr
Properties : Sue Maynard, Shelagh Christmas, Helen Cutts, Corina Ball
Masks & armour : Ian Knight
Set construction : Frank Corkery, Larry Baines, Peter Plumb, Ian Dupree, Ian Harvey