The Drums of Father Ned
by Sean O'Casey
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 21 - 29, 1965

  First London production


Characters in the Pre-Rumble
Officer of the Black & Tans
Harold Mellor
Black & TansPeter Brooks
John Hope
Colin Ley
John Sweeting
BinningtonPeter Dawson
McGilliganFrank Corkery

Characters in the Play
Alderman Aloysius Binnington, Mayor of Doonavale
Peter Dawson
Elena Binnington, his wifeSosaleen Scott
Michael Binnington, their sonTerence Marlow
Councillor McGilligan, deputy MayorFrank Corkery
Meeda McGilligan, his wifeBobbie Peacock
Nora McGilligan, their daughterJosephine Hart
Bernadette Shillayley, maid to the Binningtons on three days a week, to the McGilligans on the other three daysDenyse Macpherson
Tom Killsallighan, foreman of works for McGilliganJohn Sweeting
Oscar McGuntyJack Bennett
Man of the MusketColin Ley
Man of the PikeJohn Hope
Rev D Fillifogue, parish priest of DoonavaleDon Goffin
Alec Skerighan, an Ulsterman from PortadownEdgar Davies
Mr Murray, organist for the church of Our Lady Help of ChristiansHyam Gilbert
Villagers Estelle Collins
Peter Brooks
Diane Samuels
Finitsa Theodera
Sheila McCarthy
Monica Diggan
Peter Davis

The Drums of Father Ned

Production Team
Director : Walter Kennedy
Set Design : Myrtle Batchelor
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Marilyn Gold
ASMs : Robin Cave, Felicity Matheson, Margery Moyne, Shelagh Christmas, Shirley Cramb