These Cornfields and Other Plays
by Georges Courteline
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 29 - February 6, 1965


  These Cornfields (Les Boulengrins)
Felicie, the maidJanet Wright
M Rissole, the visitorPhillip Fasham
M BoulengrinDominc Batty
Mme BoulengrinBetty George

Badin the Bold
Peter Dawson & Wilmot Bennitt

Peace at Home (La Paix Chez Soi)
TrielleTrevor Williams
ValentineJudith Hoare

Hold on, Hortense
Judith Hoare, Trevor Williams & Jack Richman

Article 330
La BrigeTrevor Williams
Presiding JudgePhillip Fasham
JudgesWilmot Bennitt
Dominic Batty
ClerkFred Fiorentini
ProsecutorJack Richman

Afraid to Fight
Peter Dawson & Judith Hoare

Rosemary Noble
Fred Fiorentini
Janet Wright
Wilmot Bennitt
Trevor Williams

These Cornfields 

Badin the Bold (Le Martyre de M Badin)
Mayer, head of the Department Wilmot Bennitt
BadinPeter Dawson
Ovid, an office boy Michael Hermitage

Peace at Home
Trevor Williams & Judith Hoare

Hold on, Hortense (Hortense, Couche-toi)
La Brige, the tenantTrevor Williams
Saumātre, the landlordJack Richman
HortenseJudith Hoare
removal men
Fred Fiorentini
Wilmot Bennitt
Gordon Norris
Peter Dawson

Article 330
Wilmot Bennitt, Phillip Fashham, Dominic Batty & Alfredo Fiorentini

Afraid to Fight (La Peur des Coups)
HePeter Dawson
SheJudith Hoare

Rosemary Noble

Production Team
Director : Eileen Norris
Set Design : Richard Grove
Lighting Design : Hugh George
Music arranged & played by Robin Spencer
Dances arranged by Rosemary Noble
Ladies' costumes designed by Don Jones

Stage Manager : Jane Elder, assisted by Margery Moyne
ASMs : Naomi Bloom, Leighton Court, Felicity Koser, Gordon Norris, Carol Scott
Set construction : Gordon Norris, Keith Hewett, David Goldman