Back to the Nineties
Music Hall arranged by John White & Peter Ariss
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 30, 1964 -
January 9, 1965


John White (Chairman) 
Peter ArissLarry Barnes
Paul BaronColin Burns
Peter DawsonJames Flood
Hyam GilbertColin Ley
Paddy McGrathTerence Marlow
Derek MudieTony Goodman

Estelle Collins

Pru Grafton-Green
Rosemary NobleAudrey Marlow
Denyse Gold 

Dorothy Fox & John Francis (The Songbirds of the Salon)
Kenneth Grain at the Piano

Back to the Nineties

Production Team
Director : John White
Set Design : Norman Fenner

Stage Manager : Tony Batchelor