Back to the Nineties

Music Hall arranged by John White and Peter Ariss


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 30th, 1964 - January 9th, 1965


John White (Chairman)

Peter Ariss
Larry Barnes
Paul Baron
Colin Burns
Peter Dawson
James Flood
Hyam Gilbert
Colin Ley
Paddy McGrath
Terence Marlow
Derek Mudie
Tony Goodman

Estelle Collins
Pru Grafton-Green
Rosemary Noble
Audrey Marlow
Denyse Gold

Dorothy Fox and John Francis (The Songbirds of the Salon)

Kenneth Grain at the Piano

Back to the Nineties


Back to the Nineties

Production Team

Director : John White
Set Design : Norman Fenner

Stage Manager : Tony Batchelor