Tamburlaine the Great

by Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by Robert Pennant Jones


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 4th - 19th, 1964

Cast List

The Court of Tamburlaine
Tamburlaine : David Rowe-Beddoe

Calyphas : Derek Mudie
Celebinus : Colin Burns
Amyras : James Hunter
His sons

Zenocrate : Ann Ives
Theridamas : David Coombs
Techelles : Tom Tillery
Usumcasane : David Goldman
Almeda, a jailer : Fred Radley
Perdicas : Pru Grafton-Green

The Persian Court
Mycetes, King of Persia : Fred Radley
Cosroe, his brother : Phillip Fasham

Meander : James Hunter
Menaphon : Michael Hall
Ortygius : Harold Mellor

The Egyptian Court

Agydas, aide to Zenocrate : Derek Mudie
Anippe, maid to Zenocrate : Leah Leneman
Soldan : Harold Mellor
Capolin : Michael Hall
King of Arabia : Derek Mudie

The City of Damascus

Governor : Peter Dawson
Virgin : Gloria Dolskie

The City of Babylon

Governor : Hyam Gilbert
Citizen : Frank Corkery
Citizen's wife : Joy Smith

The Turkish Court
Bajazeth : Terence Marlow
Zabina : Margery Moyne
King of Argier : Hyam Gilbert
King of Fez : Tony Goodman
King of Morocco : Frank Corkery
Basso : Colin Burns
Ebea, maid to Zabina : Judith Hoare
Callapine, Emperor and son to Bajazeth : Terence Marlow
Orcanes, King of Natolia : Phillip Fasham
King of Jerusalem : Peter Dawson
King of Soria : Michael Hall
King of Trebizond : Harold Mellor
Captain : Tony Goodman
Citizens, virgins, concubines, attendants : Joy Smith, Judith Hoare, Gloria Dolskie, Françoise Gendrot, Pru Grafton-Green, Leah Leneman, Bill Dudley, Tony Reader

Tamburlaine the Great


Tamburlaine the Great

Production Team

Director : Robert Pennant Jones
Set Design : John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Marilyn Gold and Hugh George
Costume Design : James Green

Stage Manager : Peter Hebbes
ASMs : Bill Dudley, Tony Reader, Christine Culbert, Pat Gunn, Malcolm Hinchcliffe, Bill Manley
Sound : Stanley Moles
Costumes supervised by Hazel Shipley-Headley, made by Sarah Broome, Janice Carver, Carole Cleminson, Liz Cox, Penny Crofts, Winnie Duggan, Jennifer Green, Sally Hall, Susan Headley, Marie Hill, Marjorie Hogg, Elaine Howard, Kirstie Lander, Ann Lowson, Diana Tremlett, Sally Walton, Ann Villanueva, Vivienne Rich, Robin Hulme and the Tower Theatre Training Dept., and painted & finished by Vicky Johnson, Jane Preger and James Green
Hats, helmets & boots by Larry Barnes, Ruth Napolitano, Judy Urquhart and Trisha Scrase Dickens