Jacques (or Obedience)

by Eugene Ionesco
Translated by Donald Watson


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 13th - 21st, 1964

One of two short plays by Eugene Ionesco presented together, the other being The Chairs

Cast List

Jacques : Patrick McGrath
Jacqueline : Elizabeth Pestell
Jacques Mother : Jean Dempsey
Jacques Father : John Hope
Jacques Grandmother : Pauline Harris
Jacques Grandfather : Ian Wise
Roberta I and Robert II : Ruth Wallman
Roberta Mother : Mary Greenslade
Roberta Father : Fred Fiorentini




Production Team

Director : Brian Tapply
Set Design : David Spode
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Penny Dyer
ASMs : Peter Jefferies, John McAdam
Sound : Bill Manley
Masks : David Spode
Set construction : John Hoddinott