Jacques (or Obedience)
by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Donald Watson
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 13 - 21, 1964

  One of two short plays by Eugene Ionesco presented together,
the other being The Chairs


JacquesPatrick McGrath
JacquelineElizabeth Pestell
Jacques MotherJean Dempsey
Jacques FatherJohn Hope
Jacques GrandmotherPauline Harris
Jacques GrandfatherIan Wise
Roberta I & Robert IIRuth Wallman
Roberta MotherMary Greenslade
Roberta Father Fred Fiorentini


Production Team
Director : Brian Tapply
Set Design : David Spode
Lighting Design : Tony Batchelor

Stage Manager : Penny Dyer
ASMs : Peter Jefferies, John McAdam
Sound : Bill Manley
Masks : David Spode
Set construction : John Hoddinott