by Federico Garcia Lorca,
Translated by Margery Withers


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 17th - 25th, 1964

*** First London production of this translation ***

Cast List

Yerma : Carol Gillies
Juan : Don Goffin
Maria : Jean Kelly
Victor : John White
Old Woman : Margaret Skea
First Girl : Gwyneth Stokes
Second Girl : Pamela Withers
Washerwomen : Mary Greenslade, Pauline Harris, Doreen Hails, Barbara Waddell, Hazel Duncan, Rosemary Noble
Older Sister-in-Law : Margery Moyne
Younger Sister-in-Law : Angela Rooks
Dolores : Betty George
Neighbour : Annette Panter
Male Dancer : James Cunningham or Ross Winter
Female Dancer : Isabel Brown
Villagers : Julie Thompson, Hazel Shipley-Headley, Sheila Hermitage, Irene des Barres, Julian Hunt, David Gosling, Bill Dudley, Jack Francis, Peter Dawson, Fred Radley
Voice : Malcolm Matthews
Girls with tambourines : Hilary Kahn, Alison Cunningham, Elizabeth Crichton
Guitar player : Ray Mitchell




Production Team

Director : Margery Withers
Set Design : Keith Hewett
assisted by John Dorsett
Lighting Design : Hugh George
Choreography : James Cunningham
Masks : Larry Barnes

Stage Managers : Robin Cave and Peter Hebbes
ASMs : Bill Dudley, David Gosling, Jean Linfoot, Ruth Napolitano
Costumes arranged by Angela Rooks
Sound : Gordon Norris