The Way of the World

by William Congreve


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 29th - December 7th, 1963

Cast List

Mirabell, in love with Mrs Millamant : John Blanchard
Fainall, in love with Mrs Marwood : Trevor Williams

Witwoud : Martyn Corbett
Petulant : Jack Richman
Followers of Mrs Millamant
Sir William Witwoud, half-brother to Witwoud and nephew to Lady Wishfort : Harold Mellor
Waitwell, servant to Mirabell : Dominic Batty
Footmen & Attendants : Tony Goodman, Derek Mudie, Tom Tillery
Lady Wishfort, enemy to Mirabell for having falsely pretended to love her : Betty George
Mrs Millamant, fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell : Elizabeth Crichton
Mrs Marwood, friend to Mrs Fainall & likes Mirabell : Pat Whitehouse
Mrs Fainall, daughter to Lady Wishfort, wife to Fainall, formerly friend of Mirabell : Kathleen Kennedy
Foible, woman to Lady Wishfort : Linda Brewer
Mincing, woman to Mrs Millamant : Patanne Fairfoot
Peg, maid to Lady Wishfort : Karen Parkinson
Betty, servant in Chocolate House : Hazel Duncan

The Way of the World


The Way of the World

Production Team

Director : Peter Ward
Set Design : James Green
Lighting Design : Hugh George
Ladies' Costumes designed by Martyn Corbett

Stage Managers : Jim Parish, Ella Granville-Slack
DSM : Larry Baines
ASMs : Members of the Tower Theatre Training Dept
Prompt : Margery Higgins
Props : Ian Adley, Kim Potter
Costumes made by Tower Theatre Wardrobe under the direction of Hazel Shipley-Headley
Wardrobe Liaison : Janet Cousins
Lighting switchboard : Hugh George, assisted by Janet Minty
Panatrope (sound) : Bill Manley, assisted by Anna Frykholm