by Jean Anouilh
Translated by Frederick May


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 14th - 22nd, 1963

Cast List

The General : Phillip Fasham
Emily, his wife : Allison Purcell
The Count, his brother-in-law : Lloyd Henry
The Countess, his sister : Doreen Hails
Villardieu, the Countess' lover : Terence Marlow
Nicholas, the general's second son : John Arnold
Nathalie, his daughter-in-law : Marilyn Gold
Toto, his youngest son : Michael Hermitage
Marie-Christine, the Countess' daughter : Miranda Wood
Ada, the chambermaid, mistress of the General : Hazel Duncan




Production Team

Director : Jessica Taylor

Stage Manager : Ken Millard
ASMs : Glyn Edwards, Pat Tabrun
Sound : Bill Manley
Lighting : Jolyon Coombs
Props : John Peters
Set construction : Jolyon Coombs, Tony Thorpe