Henry IV
by Luigi Pirandello, translated by Frederick May
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 17 - 25, 1963


Henry IVWalter Kennedy
The Marchioness Matilda SpinaElizabeth Crichton
Her daughter FridaMoira Richards
The young Marquis Charles di NolliThomas Lyttelton
Baron Tito BelcrediEdgar Davies
Doctor Dionisio GenoniDominic Batty
The four make-believe Privy Councillors : 
  The first, Landolph (Lolo)Del Henney
  The second, Harold (Franco)Peter Freeman
  The third, Ordulph (Momo)Charles Ellis
  The fourth, Berthold (Fino)Edward Roth
Two lackeysDavid Goldman
Derek Mudie
John, the old manservantJohn Bennett

Henry IV

Production Team
Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Frank Corkery
Costume Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Jim Parish

Stage Manager : David Thwaites
ASMs : Larry Baines, Frank Corkery, Jay Sladen, Liz Kostick, Rebecca Whitehouse, Ella Slack
Sound : Mary Ross
Wardrobe under the direction of Hazel Shipley-Headley